I'm a 23 year old chick whos ongoing addictions include but are not limited to: music, orange juice, drawing women, paranormal documentaries, & daydreaming. I work for a music site called Ryan's Rock Show and my house doubles as a venue, so it's safe to say my life revolves around music - and that will be the majority of things I post about here.

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My taste in music ranges from “you need to listen to this” to “I know, please don’t judge me.”


Jesus christ yes.

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My Top Artist Charts - June

Originally I got on to post weekly music charts, but realized I haven’t done that since February and that’s a lot of typing I don’t want to do. So here’s the 3 most recent weeks all in one post:

My Top 10 Artists - Week Ending June 9, 2013

1. Portugal. The Man (219)

2. NK (103)

3. Fidlar (83)

4. Good Old War (65)

5. We Are Scientists (53)

6. Queens Of The Stone Age (49)

7. Taking Back Sunday (45)

8. The Postal Service (30)

9. Tigers Jaw (27)

10. MxPx (22)

My Top 10 Artists - Week Ending June 16, 2013

1. The Faint (100)

2. Letlive. (90)

3. Portugal. The Man (74)

4. Queens Of The Stone Age (53)

5. NK (48)

6. The Matches (41)

7. Underoath (29)

8. Rancid (28)

9. Glassjaw (25)

10. Bright Eyes (23)

My Top 12 Artists - Week Ending June 23, 2013

1. Letlive. (361)

2. Good Old War (220)

3. The Ongoing Concept (78)

4. Every Time I Die (49)

5. Brand New (41)

6. Man Overboard (39)

7. Fall Out Boy (27)

8. Daft Punk (24)

9. Lil’ Wayne (18)

10. King Fantastic (13)

11. Cursive (11)

12. The Wonder Years (10)

Why 12? Because Lil’ Wayne and King Fantastic, that’s why. Though I did indeed listen to them, Devin put it on while in control of my spotify at the shop. I generally don’t listen to hip hop and rap. I’m just a nice person. 

As you can see I’ve been listening to Letlive. a lot. Almost non-stop since I got my promo copy of The Blackest Beautiful. It is absolutely brainwashing. 

A quick note about this band that just got signed to solid state called The Ongoing Concept: They are one of the best things to happen to music (and my ears) in a lonnng time. First time I watched the video for their new single I laughed because my brain overloaded with crazy amounts of happiness and eargasms. 

The End. From here on out making it a point to update these things more often. Why do I post these anyway? Because being able to just look at one and recall that whole week’s events is priceless. 

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Shirtless dudes


Happy fucking Friday. 

Gotta be pretty damn entertaining to keep me up til 330 when I have to be up at 8. 

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Music chart updates need to happen. Later today. 

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Fell asleep watching ghost documentaries (as usual)

About 3:50am, wake up thirsty cause of tequila, so I go get water in the kitchen. Look around the dark living room and glance at the patio to make sure there’s nothing there.

Short back story: Always been terrified of looking out windows at night time ‘cause I’m afraid I’ll see someone outside, and there are french doors that allow me to see the patio. Freaks me out a little every time, but I do it often to show myself there’s nothing there. 

Anyway, there’s nothing there. I go to the bathroom. When I come out I (always) look down the hall and check the patio again then go in my room. This time, I see something out of place. Do a double take and notice there’s an extra vertical bar on the door, curved like a leg. Heart starts racing. Door starts opening, I jet to my room. A split second later realize it’s my god damn housemate, then I get on here to document my stupid experience. He always does this to me, clad in black and lurking around like a damn vampire in the middle of the night.

Argh. Time for more ghost docs. 

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I hate Ted Mosby. If he were a real person I would want to kick him in his vagina.